Vax clinic

The Marion School District administered 117 Covid-19 vaccinations at Wednesday’s health clinic at Patriot Arena. Of the 117 shots, 76 were the first dose and the other 41 doses were the second shot.

“We were very pleased to have doubled our attendance of all previous clinics on Wednesday,” said MSD School Health Coordinator Kelly Fogleman. “It was exciting to see our students and families taking advantage of this opportunity we hosted on campus.”

MSD hosts its next vaccination clinic from Thursday, August 12 (10 a.m.-2 p.m.), at Patriot Arena, with another clinic scheduled for Thursday, September 2 (12-3 p.m.), also at the arena.

The vaccine clinics offer additional opportunity for MSD employees to earn the $200 stipend offered by the school district by either getting the vaccine or having already taken the vaccine.