Weekend meals

More than 10,500 meals were sent home with Marion School District students Thursday, February 4, part of the district’s efforts to ensure students have healthy options throughout the Covid-19 pandemic -- even when they aren’t at school.

The meals are made possible through a program offered by the United States Department of Agriculture, aimed at curbing food insecurity during the health crisis.

At the end of each school week, every Marion School District student is sent home with breakfast and lunch items for the entire weekend. With MSD observing a virtual day Friday to accommodate a staff vaccination clinic, students received three days’ worth of meals on Thursday.

MSD launched the weekend meals program on January 22, distributing 4,968 meals to students. The program has grown each week since, with 7,384 meals distributed on January 29, and 10,686 meals handed out Thursday. Similar numbers are expected next week, with the district observing a three-day weekend for Presidents Day.

The meals vary from week to week and have included items such as mini-pancakes, croissants, sandwiches, fruit, milk, and vegetables. All food items meet USDA nutritional guidelines.

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