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When Marion voters go to the polls on March 5, they will see a ballot issue about the Marion School District’s millage. But that doesn’t mean any changes are planned to the annual rate.

“We want to make it as clear as we can for voters heading to the polls that this is not a new tax,” said Dr. Glen Fenter, Marion superintendent. “It is simply a continuation of our current millage. An outdated and obsolete state law requires us to put our local millage before voters each year, even if there is no change to the tax, as is the case this year.”

The district’s millage rate currently sits at 45.7, with 25 mills for operations and 20.7 for debt service. The district’s millage has remained unchanged since 2019, when Marion patrons approved a millage project to improve campuses, better support students and staff, and prepare the district for the next decade. That millage has helped the district complete a wide range of projects, including upgraded facilities, new playgrounds, enhanced learning spaces, teacher raises, and more.

“We have continually been blessed to have a community that has trusted us, had confidence in us, and has stood by us,” Fenter said. “In these last several years, we have achieved many things, and we are proud of the work we are doing in our schools to improve the educational outcomes of local students, and likewise, ensure the long-term growth and stability of our community. We are very mindful that the prosperity of our community will forever be intertwined with the strength of our local schools, and we look forward to continued support from our amazing community.”

Early voting for the March 5 election begins February 20.

The Marion School District is an innovative and growing district committed to helping every student find their unique path to success in school and in life. With more than 150 years of experience serving families in Crittenden County, the district offers a high school, a junior high, a seventh grade school, and three award-winning magnet schools. For enrollment information, including information on school choice, visit https://www.msd3.org/ or call 870-739-5100.