Gill's Kinder Class

Ms. Meredith Gill's kindergarten class at VPA had a special visitor today. Diane Sharpe brought a baby alligator and alligator snapping turtles with the approval of Arkansas Game and Fish to educate students about these reptiles. They talked about alligators being native to Arkansas, where they live, what they eat and how they survive in the wild. Ms. Gill's class was able to feel the texture of the alligator and see actual photos of alligators in the wild. Diane Sharpe and her husband Bucky became interested in the wildlife of Southwest Arkansas twenty-four years ago. They started visiting schools with the reptiles when their grandson was in kindergarten in the Marion School District. During those years they have taken alligator snapping turtles and alligators to many towns all over the state. We were so happy that Diane was able to share this experience with our children. 

Click HERE for the pictures of the kids learning about these cool creatures.