The Forties were dominated by World War II , and after a long period of Economic Recession throughout the world, starting with Wall Street Crash in 1929 and through most of the 30's, the world would be a different place after the 2nd world war ended.

In 1946, the Microwave Oven was invented and in 1947 the Mobile Phone was invented! The first computer came along in 1948, developed in England by the Freddie William's team.

The NotreDame Fighting Irish won four championships during the forties which is also when the practice of using different players on offense and defense was born.

The war in the 40's changed many things and one of those was how black sportsmen became popular heroes and paved the way for future generations, these included Joe Louis (Boxer), Jesse Owens (Runner) and Jackie Robinson (Baseball Player).

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1940s Pictures