Prior to the return of staff and students, CDC Guidance for Reopening Buildings will be followed to create a safe environment. Buildings will be checked for mold and excess moisture and the efficiency of HVAC systems will be assessed. The water system will be flushed.


Parents will be expected to screen their children using the current screening guidelines from the Arkansas Department of Health prior to entering any school bus or building.
District staff will be required to complete the same screening and will record responses in an application provided by the District prior to entering any school bus or building.


Marion Schools and the District’s custodial service provider, will follow the standard daily, weekly and monthly cleaning specifications.

The following additional measures will be in place from the first day of school:

  • Every classroom will be equipped with a spray bottle of virucidal disinfectant, cleaning gloves and a cleaning cloth for use by District staff.

  • The daily and weekly Flu and Cold Protocol will be implemented, which adds:

               o Frequent wipe downs of high touch areas and

               o Weekly electrostatic spray.

The following measures will be taken In the event of a positive COVID-19 case:

  • Current CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting when someone is sick will be applied.

  • ADH will be contacted with details about the level of exposure at the school site and a request for guidance will be made.

  • If ADH guidance allows, the CDC recommended wait period before cleaning will be waived, cleaning and disinfection will begin immediately.

  • School closure will not be necessary for the purpose of allowing time for cleaning.

  • ADH will determine if school closure is required for other purposes.


Providing safe access to clean water for hydration is essential to maximizing readiness for learning in our schools.

  • Student access to water has been evaluated. By August 2020:

    Every school will have at least one touchless bottle filler.

  • Additional touchless water bottle fillers will be added where needed by retrofitting standard water fountains.

  • Standard push bar/push button water fountains will be turned off.

  • Students will bring water bottles from home and refill at

    Touchless bottle filler or

  • Classroom sink

  • Student will remove lid and place bottle on cabinet

  • Teacher will grasp bottle with disposable glove or paper towel, refill bottle, and place bottle back on cabinet.

  • Student will replace lid and return to seat.


Playground equipment should be cleaned and disinfected between uses, or at least frequently throughout the day (ADH Directive Regarding Summer Day Camps).

  • Playground equipment will be disinfected with a virucidal spray before lunch, after lunch and after school.

  • For the before and after lunch disinfections, the recess schedule shall allow for a ten minute gap between classes to allow the solution to be sprayed and to dry.


  • Professional Development will follow Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guidelines.

  • All other large group gatherings will follow current ADH guidelines, be modified, or cancelled.

    Decisions regarding the structure or cancellation of large group gatherings will be made at the District level.
    An ongoing list of restricted activities can be found here.


Persons must be prohibited from entering the school except:

  • School or District staff,

  • Students enrolled at the school,

  • Parents picking up ill or injured children, and

  • Professionals providing necessary services to children (when virtual services are not an option).


Implementation of some guidelines will vary depending on the building. Principals will consider each item below, and post building-specific plans, maps, and schedules to the Campus Schedules and Lists shared drive. The District's reopening task force will review the plans, make changes if needed, and approve the plans prior to the start of school

  • Modifications for Physical Distancing

    Classroom furniture will be arranged to maximize distance between student seating.
    Whenever possible, repurpose unused space or modify existing spaces to all for maximum distancing.

  • Hallway Traffic
    Whenever possible, travel in hallways less than eight feet wide will be designated as “single lane” or “one way.”
    Stagger class dismissal in middle and higher grades.

  • Bathroom Breaks

A building schedule of restroom breaks will be created.
Restrooms will be disinfected four times per day.

  • Drop-off/Pickup

Drop-off and pickup procedures will be reviewed and modified to maximize distancing.
All parents will remain outside the school building for drop-off and pickup except under extenuating circumstances, such as an ill or injured child.

  • Other Operations

Consider rotating teachers rather than students.
Prohibit congregation in hallways and cafeterias.
Develop alternatives for holding areas for large groups of students before and after school.