We are pleased that you wish to be considered for a position in our district. Marion School District is proud of its six grade-leveled schools, which are located in the northeast Arkansas Delta, a convenient 20-minute drive from Memphis. We actively seek top candidates throughout the year and we look forward to receiving your application.

Employment Opportunities
Licensed Application Information
Classified Application Information
Internal Application
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Employment Opportunities

All MSD job postings are available via TalentEd, Recruit, Hire Employment Opportunities. You must click the job posting to view the contact person for the job position. If interested, please call the contact person listed.

Marion School District partners with PCMI/willSub for substitute staffing services. See the Substitute Employment link to the left and bottom of this page.

Use the links to the left and bottom to navigate the human resources section.

Licensed Application Information

(Requires current Arkansas teaching certificate.)

Licensed Welcome Letter

To apply for a licensed (teaching or administrative) position in the Marion School District, you must complete an online application via TalentEd, Recruit, & Hire.When received, your completed application and required forms will be reviewed as needed and will remain active for future openings for one calendar year.

If you plan to seek a position with Marion School District, Marion School District cannot employ an applicant until we have received evidence of eligibility for Arkansas teacher licensure.

If you are a traditional candidate applying for your first teaching position, we urge you to apply immediately for an Arkansas license. Your references must include student teaching supervisors and cooperating teachers. All paperwork on file with your college or university should be completed and forwarded to the ADE.

Contact our office if you need assistance. We can be reached at 870.739.5100 or you can e-mail your questions to Elmer West.

Classified Application Information

(Does NOT require teacher certification)

Classified Welcome Letter

All MSD job postings are available via TalentED, Recruit, Hire Employment Opportunities.

Paper applications may be found by clicking the Classified Paper App link to the left of this screen or by clicking here. Please return all paperwork to:

Attention: Mr. Elmer West 
c/o Marion School District
200 Manor Street
Marion, AR 72364

When received, your completed application and required forms will be reviewed as needed and will remain active for future openings for one calendar year.

Internal Application
  1. TalentEd, Recruit, and Hire site.
  2. Click on the job listing you are interested in applying for in the Marion School District.
  3. To the Right, click the button that says “APPLY FOR THIS POSITION” if you already have an application on file with the MSD. If you do not have an application on file with our district, click INTERNAL in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  4. The NEW INTERNAL APPLICANTS screen will appear. “This page is for current employees only”. Click Yes, I am an Employee.
  5. The next page will ask you to confirm that you are a current employee by typing “yes” below. Type “Yes” in the box and click Continue.
  6. Complete the Profile, Cover Letter, and Resume.

Employee Benefits

Click here for employee benefits information.

Aramark Food Service Management Company

Aramark is Marion School District’s food service provider. They help empower students to make healthy food choices that can influence life-long habits. Click here to look at employment opportunities with ARAMARK.

SSC Services for Education

SSC is Marion School District's custodial service provider.  They are constantly looking for individuals to add to their team and offer unparalleled benefits and career growth opportunities through the vast resources of their parent company, Compass Group. Ready to take the leap and join the team? Click HERE to get started on your path to an amazing new career with SSC.

District Equity Statement

The Marion School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, or veteran status.

Contact Elmer West or District Equity Coordinators at 200 Manor Street, Marion, AR 72364 or by phone at (870) 739-5100.