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Here are a few important things to remember:


1. ALL students entering 7th grade MUST
have had the MCV4 accination.


All students who are 11 years old, as of September 1st,
must have had the Tdap vaccination.


Documentation must be given to the school
nurse by the date listed on the
letter you received, or your child will not be allowed to
attend school until we have received current shot records.


2. ~If your child will be taking medication at school, or may need medication
at school, please be sure that you bring it to the school nurse by the first day of
school, along with a completed Medication Administration Release
Form. Needed medications may include ADHD medication, Inhalers,
Epi-Pens, Tylenol/Motrin, etc.


3. ~Care plans have been mailed to parents who have children with health
issues, such as asthma, seizures, migraines, diabetes, allergies, etc. Please
have your child's physician fill out and sign the appropriate care plan.
~Please return all completed and signed forms to your school nurse ASAP. 
**Care Plans must be updated each school year.


4. The Marion School District does not supply Tylenol, Motrin or any other
medications. ~If your child may need these medications at school, please be
sure to supply your school nurse with the medication, with your child's name
clearly written on the bottle, and be sure to fill out the
Medication Release Form.


5. ~If your child has been prescribed corrective lenses for their vision, such as
eye glasses or contacts, please ensure they wear them each school day.


*Posted August 20, 2015



Parents and Guardians,
Please read over the required immunizations for the state of Arkansas.  We ask that you please
take your child to their doctor over the summer and make sure they have the required
immunizations  before the beginning of school on August 17, 2015.  Be sure to bring an
updated shot record and give it to your child's school nurse on the first day of school.
Thank you for your cooperation!


Kindergarten & 1st grade - 1 dose of Hepatitis A


All students Kindergarten through 12th grade must have 3 doses of Polio with
the last dose after their 4 year old birthday


All students that are 10 years old (as of September 1st each year) 
must have 1 dose of Tdap


All students entering the 7th grade must have 1 dose of Meningococcal and a second dose
at the age of 16 years (as of September 1st each year); however, if the first dose of
Meningococcal is administered at age 16, a second dose is not required.


All students Kindergarten through 12th grade must have 2 doses of Varicella. (Notes from
parents on history of disease are not accepted, must be from a physician, ANP, etc.)

Please Remember that all schools in
the Marion School district are

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