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K-1 Gifted and Talented 


Avondale Elementary School

Kindergarten and First grade students at AES receive Gifted and Talented Whole Group Enrichment with Ms. Leslie Craft.  Ms. Craft is Marion School District's K-1 Gifted and Talented Teacher/GT Coordinator.    

Here at Avondale, students attend GT class in the "Science Lab."  Science has been the chosen avenue of study to foster higher order thinking among our Avondale students.  

AES GT science lab curriculum is designed to introduce higher level thinking skills by using the Quirkles series, hands on experiences, and TEAM developed lesson plans.  


Click on the picture above to check out the awesome world of the Quirkles!!!  




                     BE A 


                      NOT A 







First grade Junior Scientists at AES met TIMOTHY TORNADO in GT science Lab.  Timothy Tornado taught them how a tornado forms and all about tornado safety.  The Junior Scientists had the opportunity to share with each other where their "safe spot" is located  at home and finally had the chance to create a VORTEX to demonstrate how a tornado forms.   











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