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Cafeteria Facts



Fact #1:  All school menus are created centrally and analyzed to make sure they meet dietary guidelines - especially the reduction of fat content.


Fact #2:  MSD schools follow the USDA comprehensive meal pattern for breakfast, lunch and snacks in order to be eligible for federal reimbursement.


Fact #3:  As a means of reducing plate waste, the "offer vs. serve" feature is used to allow students to choose less than all of the food items in the meal pattern.


Fact #4:  Every MSD cafeteria uses a computerized point-of-sale system to update and maintain student accounts and to generate reports to be filed with the Department of Education Child Nutrition Unit.


Fact #5:   EZ School Pay program is provided by MSD for easy on-line meal payments.  Even if this method of payment is not used, parents can sign up and see their student's account balance and also keep in touch with what is being purchased in the cafeteria by their child.


Fact #6:  Research indicates that good nutrition and physical activity for children can lead to better performance, higher test scores, and fewer behavior problems.