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questionguy.gifIt seems I am always being asked, How do I ??? do this or do that and usually the answer is a quick fix or tip that I can provide for that person but there may be others who are wondering the same thing.
This page is dedicated to providing you with instructions for accomplishing those simple tasks that don't really require a workshop or a work order but do need to be addressed. Instructions will also be provided in .pdf format so that you may print them if needed.

How Do I...manage my classroom computer?

How do I...? Use United Streaming
us ]How do I sign up for unitedstreamin

to print envelopes?                     


]How do I...
scan documents into SMARTNotebook?                      Many of you may need to use the SMARTBoard to project textbook images, worksheets, etc. in your everyday teaching.
Scanning the old way can become cumbersome plus writing and scrolling just donâ€
work!  There is a wa
o maintain your sanity.                 1. Open SMAR
tebook                  2. Go to Insert > Picture from Scanner                  3. Ch
to make sure which scanner is being connected.                 4. The scan dialog box will open with several options available. It is extremely i
rtant that you do not scan at more than 150dpi.
5. When your
ections are made, Click Preview                 6. Click Scan                   7. The scanned document will be inserted into SMARTNotebook, as a picture object. This means it may be sized, fl
ed, saved, etc. and yes annotated (written on).                 //@ms

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[Marker]How do I …
add a signature to my emails?

Have you noticed that some of the emails you receive contain the sender’s mail address, phone number, etc.? This is known as a signature. You can easily create your own signature that will appear automatically on every email you send. Follow the three easy steps below and your messages will take on a very professional look!
1. Click Edit > Preferences > Messaging > *Initial Content (new term)
2. Add your signature information
3. Click to select "Automatically add to new messages"
4. Click OK and your digital signature will now be on all email messages that you send.
Double click the Add Signature.pdfAdd Signature.pdff version for printing.

[Image:Add Signature.pdf]
*If you are still using version 8.0 you will see ag,%231005296/H

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[Marker]How do I...
change my email signature??

Follow the three easy steps below to change your email signature
1. Click Edit > Preferences > Messaging > *Initial Content (new term w/version 8.2)
2. Edit your signature information
3. Click to select "Automatically add to new messages"
4. Click APPLY and your updated digital signaturesd3.org,%231005296/~jcook/docs/Add Signature.pdf ]Click here for illustrated instructions

*If you are still using version 8.0 you will see a g,%231005296/H

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[Marker]How do I …
get rid of those red flags?
Question:  My District Calendar Flag is UP every day...I try to look at any site with a flag up because I assume it is important.  Is the thing working right...or should I just ignore it...
Answer:  FirstClass shows the unread flag (the red flag) as new items are added or existing items are changed. There isn't a way to stop this. However, you do not have to open each item in a folder to "read" the item and remove the unread flag.
To remove all the unread flags at once, right-click the folder and choose "Mark as Read" from the Message menu. The reverse of this is if you have a message that you have read but you want it to remain "flagged" so you will not forget to take action, simply right-cg,%231005296/H

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[Marker]How do I …
create a new mail list in FirstClass?

To create a mail list follow these simple steps:

1. From within your FirstClass Desktop, or mail box, Click File > New > Mail List.

2. The new personal mail list window will open. Name your mail list by clicking in the Name area and typing your group name. This will be the name you type into the To: area of your email.

3. There are two ways to add your members.
        a. Simply type the names, or
        b. From here click on the directory button, in the bottom half of this window, scroll to find the name you want to add and click on it then drag it into the members area.

4.      When you have added all of your members click OK.

The next time you need to send an email to this group of people, simply open a new message and type the name of the group/mail list in the To: area. Everyone on the list will receive your email.
Double click the Create new mail list.pdfCreate a new mail list.pdf fog,%231005296/H

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[Marker]How do I …
remove a name from my mail list?

It is a good idea to update your mail lists periodically by adding and removing names. To remove a name from your existing mail list:
1. click on the name that neg,%231005296/H

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[Marker]How do I …
get FirstClass email at home?

There are two ways to accomplish this. You can use the web version by clicking the link located at the bottom of the district home page and logging in.
However, the preferred method is to simply download FirstClass to your home computer. When you download FirstClass at home it will "work" just like it does on campus. The instructions for installing at home are provided here. If you have difficulty, please let either myself o
Tim Taylor know and we will try to assist you.

        1.  Begin by opening your web br
ser and going to www.msd3.org/clientdownloads  .            1.  Next, select the correct operating system. Most will be running "Windows".
This will take you to the Windows Download page.                2.  
ick where prompted and the download will start.                 3
When you receive a Security Warning, click Run.                4.  FC InstallShield should open. This is a wizard so click Next at the bottom to move to the next step. Just accept the default
tions and everything should download correctly.                 You should now be able to log in just as you do at school. If you need mo
thorough instructions, open the .pdf file below                Remember that you must be connecte

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How do I...
Create a phone message note?

Follow these instructions to send email phone message information instead of sticky notes.
From First Class:
click New > New Message Special > Phone Call
The Phone Call template will open
Fill in the necessary call information and click Send. The template with the call information will be emailed to the recipient.

NOTE1: you may use the user name short cut in the To: box. (EX. ja co is my user name short cut)

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ow Do I...
Update my First Class Server Address                    Are you having problems connecting to FirstClass? Are you receiving a message saying "a server with this name cannot be located"? If so, the FirstClass server address needs to be updated on your computer.

To update the FirstClass server address:
1. Start FirstClass. Don't try to login at this point.
2. On the FirstClass Login screen, click the Setup button.
3. Change the address on the Server line to fc.msd3.org . It should now look like the window displayed below.
4. Click the Apply button at t

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How do I...
Change the Reply setting in my email?
Have you been embarrased because you forgot that our reply setting is Reply All and you sent your personal information or ideas to the entire faculty! I have. By changing your default reply setting, you can save yourself from this ever happening again.
1. From your FirstClass Desktop go to Edit > Preferences > Messaging

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How do I...
Set up a Shoebox account?

Anyone (teachers, administrators, para-professionals, etc.) wishing to maintain a record of staff development hours may do so via the Shoebox accounts provided through the co-op. By simply creating your account and then adding staff development information as it is completed, you will have a log of your staff development hours. This log may then be printed and turned in to principals at the end of the year (much better than making copies of certificates, etc). It is still necessary to maintain a personal file of certificates, handouts etc. as proof of attendance.

To begin setting up your account go to the district home page and clicking Technology Tidbits > Shoebox Link

1.  In the first window click the Shoebox link on the left side of the screen. Then click the Sign In button also on the left side of the screen.

2. In the next window provide your email address.  Then select No, I am new to this site and click Continue.

(Note: You will only do this once.  In the future you will log in using your e-mail address and password. You will create your password shortly.)

3. Complete the form.
- In the Region box, you must choose Crowley’s Ridge Educational Cooperative before you can choose your school district.
- Verify that your email address, name and school district are correct.  Then, choose your school in the Please select your Campus box.
-Make and confirm your password by typing in the password boxes.  Passwords must be at least four characters or numbers.  Please record your password so that you will not forget it.
-Click Finish.

4. Your account set up is complete.  An email verifying your account will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

5. Click on the Click Here link to return to the previous page.

6. Always remember to click Sign Out to end your session.

You may now return to the Technology Tidbits page at any time and sign in, using your e-mail address and password, to register for staff develop://@msd3.org,%231005296/~jcook/docs/shoebg,%231005296/Ho

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        How Do I...
manage my Shoebox Account?                      Once you have created a shoebox account, you can go back and add any staff development credits you have earned that were not in the official catalog.

1. To manage your staff developmollowing address: [ http://www.escweb.net/ar_esc ]http://www.escweb.net/ar_esc.
NOTE: A link to this site may be found by clicking the Technology Tidbits button on the district web page and then clicking the Shoebox Li
located in the red and white bar near the top.                  2. Click the Sign In button on the left of the screen. Sign in using the email address and password you crea
when you created the account.  Click continue                  3. Click the escWorks Shoebox Service link when the next window ap
rs. This will take you to your Shoebox account.                 4. Once i
he Shoebox account, click the Transcripts link.                 5. An official transcript cannot be altered. It contains only the records of events that you have attended at an Arkansas Education Service Cooperative, or the Marion School District. However, you can manage your personal re
ds by clicking on the Manage Transcript button.                 Once in your Personal Record area, enter your staff development information by completing all necessary information and clicking Add Credit when you are finished. As you see, an outline of your staff development is provided at the bot
of this page with a Grand Total at the bottom.                 6. To print your record, sim
click the Print button and follow the prompts.                 7. When you are finished, cl

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How Do I...
register for an event using an event#/session ID?
1.  Navigate to the esc_web site (Shoebox) by using the Shoebox Link located on the Technology Tidbits page
2. Click the Catalog Link located on the left side of the esc_web homepage.
3. Click the Search link and add your event# in the Session ID area located on the top right of the page.
4. Click Go.
5. Once on the event information page, simply click the +Cart link locatemsd3.org,%231005296/~jcook/docs/Shoeboxevent.pdf ]Click here for more complg,%231005296/H

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        How Do I...
change my Shoebox email address?        1. Click th
Shoebox Link on t
e Technology Tidbits web page.  2. Click  Sign In.      3. At the bottom of the sign in page are two options, one of whi
h is ...My email address has changed, click here.       4. Type your old email address (your user name@marion.crsc.k12.ar.us) and password, then e
ter your new @msd3.org email address and click OK    5. All pr

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Do I...
update my Shoebox account information?

        It is imperitive that you keep your Shoebox account information up to date. There are several reasons why information might change. As we use this service more and more, we will be accessing the database information
o t
erefore it needs to be current and correct.             1.      Log in to your acco
and click on the e
rks Shoebox Service Link        2.      Click User

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2.      Enter your school’s eight-character passcode
(these may be found in the teachers’ lounge of your campus, or on TechTalk)
3.      Create your own username and password
4.      Log in with your username and password
5.      Search for

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[Marker]How Do
get pictures from my camera to my computer?

        1.  Turn the camera on. Windows will recognize that there is a new hardware device connected. You will see a message at the bottom of your desktop letting you kn
that the computer recognizes the new hardware.
                2. The Camera and Scanner Wizard will open. Follow the Wizard steps by making necessary chan
s and clicking Next at the bottom of each page.
                3. In the Picture Name and Destination window, add a meaningful name for your group of pictures.
Double check the location where they are being saved. By default, they should be saved into the My Pictures folder located in the My Documents
lder. You may create a new folder if necessary.
                4. In the Choose Pictures to Copy window, you may download all pictures on the memory stick, or selected pictures. A checkmark beside a picture signifies that it will be downloaded. If you do not want to download a picture
click on the checkmark to deselect the picture.
                5. At the final window, Completing the Scanner and Camera Wizard, click Finish, or click

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How Do I...
use Mail Merge with Word to print envelopes?

Mail merge is simply combining a main document (letter, etc.) with a list of variable information (data source) to be printed with the document.

A main document (form file) could be an invoice, form letter, envelope, or even a mailing label.
A data source is a list of names, addresses or other variable information.

1. Open a New Document in Word, or a pre-existing one.
2. Go to Tools on the menu bar > mouse down to Letters and Mailings > click on Mail Merge.

The Mail Merge Task Pane will appear.
From here, simply follow the Mail Merge Wizard to complete the merge.
Step 1: From the Mail Merge task pane, click the type document you are creating as the main document.
Click "Envelopes" in the Select Document Type section.Then, click at the bottom of the Task Pane to move to Step 2 of 6.
Step 2: The next step is to Select Starting Document.
Click Change document layout. Then, click to move to Step 3
This will take you to the Envelope Options dialog box instead of Step 3.Select the correct size for your envelope.
NOTE: If it is not available, scroll all the way down and select Custom.
This is also where you will select the Font for your envelope.
Click OK once your selections are made.
Step 3: From the Select Recipients section, choose "Use an Existing List" and then click Browse. Locate the data source using the Select Data Source dialog box.
NOTE: If you do not have your Data Source created, then select "Type a new list" here.
Since we will use Excel as our data source, you will be prompted to use the Select Table option. Simply click on the Sheet where your data source is located.Click OK.
The Mail Merge Recipients dialog box will appear. This will allow you to sort, and or deselect certain recipients. If everything is correct, click OK.
Click Next: Arrange your Envelope at the bottom of the Task Pane to move to Step 4.
Step 4: To add recipient information to your envelope, click a location in the envelope and then click the item in the wizard that is to be inserted. Ex. Clicking Address Block will add all address information. The Insert Address Block dialog box appears which allows you to customize the address that will be printed on your document. When you are satisfied with the information, Click OK.
If you have other information that is to be inserted, click the More Items link to select that data from your data source. A data field place holder will be inserted in your document. When the envelope is completed, Click Next: Preview your Envelope.
Step 5: This is simply to preview the final document with all merges in place. Notice that there is a link to Edit the recipient list information if necessary.
After viewing several letters to proof the merges, Click Next: Complete the Merge, at the bottom of the wizard to move to the final step.
Step 6: Click the Print link and f

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How do I
Add another printer to my classroom computer?                   There are multiple printers located on each of the Marion School District campuses. By installing an additional printer to your computer, you might be saved much frustration when your local printer is not functioning or is out of paper and you need an item printed immediately. It is acceptable to contact Tech Support to handle this for you but it is also something that you can acc
lish without contacting the Tech Support t
                        1. Go to Start. Select Printers and Faxes.                      2. The Printers a
Faxes Dialog box will open. Select Add Printer.                 3. From here follow the wi

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        How do I

print multiple classes on one progress report?                  Printing multiple files on one progress report can save time and paper and is relatively easy to do. Follow the instructions here, or print more
tailed instructions by clicking the link below.                 1. S
ct the appropriate Report form for your campus.                 2. Select the S
ents, Tests and Subtotals that
e appropriate.                  3. Click Print > Print Report.                  4. Choose Print Several Files
m the Printing Options Dialog Box and click OK.                 5. This will
en a "Select Multiple GradeQuick" Files window.                 6. Double click o

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How do I...
sort my roster in GradeQuick?

        Have you ever needed to re-sort, or re-order your GradeQuick Roster? Maybe a student dropped, or added and you need GradeQuick to reflect your "paper" gradebook, ...life would be so much easier. Well check out my instructions for doing just that, there is no reason why your GradeQuick should be any different than your "paper"
ebook. Good Luck, let me know what you think.           1.      From w
n GradeQuick go to Edit > Student Information.  2.      At the bottom of the window that opens, click Add New Field at Cursor, give your ne
eld a name and click OK. For this I use GdBk#.  3.      It is important to save your work. This is a bit different from a normal save. You MUST go to Options > Save Set
s > Select Student Data Field Names > click OK  4.      Return to Edit > Student Information and number your students according to the "paper" copy you are using, o
ace dropped students at the end of the roster.  5.      This time go to View > Student Information and sele
he Data Field name that you created in step 2.  6.      There is now a column visible on your gradebook for the ne
[ fcp://@msd3.org,%231005296/docs/GQgbkorder.pdf ]Click here

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here for print version  

How do I...?
Send Single Term Reports to Edline      1. From within GradeQuick go to Reports > Edline Reports >

e for print version


        How do
change the default line spacing in Word 07?                     1. Click the "Line Spacing" comm
button on the Home Tab in the Para
ph Group.                       2. Click the "Line Spacing Options"                     
Change the Line Spacing from Multiple to Single                 4. Re
e the 10 points of space
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