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       Keyboarding . . . A skill that lasts a lifetime!       
What is Keyboarding?

"Touch typing is a life skill like reading or writing.  Students who have this skill will be better able to realize the full potential of technology and become more productive students and workers."  ~J. Hoggatt and J. Shank (authors of our keyboarding book)

State Framework Description: Keyboarding is a one-semester course designed to help students develop speed and accuracy by learning the touch operation of alphanumeric/keyboard characters. Emphasis is placed on the following: mastery of the keyboard with desirable keyboarding techniques; development of speed and accuracy; basic problem-solving applications of centering and arranging reports, letters, and tables; proofreading; formatting; and proper care of the equipment. Keyboarding is the foundation for developing entry-level skills for business (and other) careers.

Your grade will be based on:

Technique and Speed (1st 9 weeks)

Technique, Speed and Accuracy (2nd 9 weeks)

You will also have a bellwork assignment everyday that will be turned in at the end of each 9 weeks.

See "Grading Scale for MicroType Alphabetic lessons" and "Technique Check" below.

Important Information:

Why Should You Learn to Type Faster?  To save time!  Use the calculator to see how much time you could save.

Fun Stuff:

Practice typing at home with these lessons

Type Racer - race against others around the world

Foggies - A Typing Game

Quiz #2 - Do you know your computer terms?

Quiz #3 - Spacing after punctuation rules

Quiz #4 - Personal Business Letters

Quiz #5 - Formatting Business Letters

Quiz #6 - Memos


Enrichment Activities

CheckPro Lessons - PowerPoint:  See Mrs. Sutton

Semester Exam Review

4.  Now, go to MicroType.  On the main menu, click on "References", then "Document Formats".  Do all of the exercises on the left side.

10.  Quiz #3 - Spacing after punctuation rules

11.  Quiz #4 - Personal Business Letters

12.  Quiz #5 - Formatting Business Letters

13.  Quiz #6 - Memos

14.  Quiz #7 - Terms Quiz

Keyboarding Quiz - 10 questions

Personal Business Letters Review:
Memo Review:
Unbound Reports Review:

Use the word of today in a sentence.
You're going on a virtual field trip today! Pick any one from the list.  Write down where you went and one thing you learned.
Describe the picture in your own words.

Write one fact about any country.  Start by clicking on a continent, then select a country on that continent.

1.  Read the "Teachable Moment."
2.  In your notebook, answer the question for "My Morning Journal."
3.  Read the Word of the Day.

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