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PUTTing in the Effort

Posted Date: 09/01/2017

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Under the leadership of Coach Tim Ginn, the golf team is progressing with more experience and ready to face tough opponents. On Tuesday, Aug. 22, the team competed against Jonesboro High School, the highest ranking team in the state, and their results were impressive despite their loss.


Last season, when they played Jonesboro, the overall loss was 70 strokes, so they worked extremely hard over the summer to improve and improve they did. During the match Tuesday, they lost by only 34 strokes.


“That sounds like a lot, it is a lot, but we have narrowed the margin on Jonesboro,” Ginn said.


The team practices four times a week and is very confident going into this season based on their results from last season. Coach Ginn mentioned that he wished more girls were on the team, as there are only four this season. He is welcome to any females interested, and they do not have to know how to play.


“By the time they reach the twelfth grade, they will have reached the level of competitiveness.” Explains Ginn.


Ginn was also pleased with the way the team performed last year.


“With a squad of mostly tenth graders, we qualified for the state tournament. That was a level of achievement that went beyond where they should have been, so I was very proud of them and the way they handled themselves last year,” Ginn praised.


The team says they are most excited to play Greenwood and Jonesboro this season. With Jonesboro in first, Marion and Greenwood are in a competitive battle for second.


When asked about Jonesboro, Ginn said, “They are the number one team in the state, and they have been for the past eight years. We like to play them. We like to see how a good team prepares and plays. We like to see their  approach to the game, and to measure up ourselves against them.”


The team’s next game will be Thursday, Aug. 31, in Millington.  




--By Sarah Parker