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Brown's Graduation Supplies will deliver orders on Dec. 9 from 10 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

"The Happy Scarecrow"
presented by
MHS Drama II and III
directed by Madison Larese
December 12, 6 p.m.
Drama Room 62

Fall 2014 Semester Test Schedule

Monday, December 15: SEMESTER EXAMS
No Seminar: Pep Rally lunch schedule
(No pep rally just the schedule)
Semester test review in periods 1-6
6th period 1:00–1:35
7th period 1:42–3:12 Semester Test

Tuesday, December 16: SEMESTER EXAMS
Tests for 3rd and 4th periods
3rd period: 8:00-9:30
4th period: 9:37-11:07

Wednesday, December 17: SEMESTER EXAMS
Test for 5th and 6th periods
5th period: 8:00-9:30
6th period: 9:37-11:07

Thursday, December 18: SEMESTER EXAMS
Tests for 1st and 2nd periods
1st period: 8:00-9:30
2nd period: 9:37-11:07

Friday, December 19: Makeup Test Day for Semester Exams

December 2, 2014

Dear Parent or Guardian:

We are pleased to notify you that Marion High School  has been selected to represent schools across the nation by participating in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). First administered in 1969, NAEP is the largest nationally representative and continuing assessment of what students know and can do in various subject areas. It is administered by the National Center for Education Statistics, within the U.S. Department of Education. NAEP is different from state assessments because it provides a common measure of student achievement across the country. The results of NAEP are released as The Nation's Report Card, which provides information about student achievement to educators, parents, policymakers, and the public.

In our school, the NAEP assessment will be given on January 28, 2015.  Your child may be selected to take a mathematics, reading, or science pilot assessment on a tablet. In addition to answering questions in one of these subjects, students will be asked questions about themselves and their educational experiences, such as the amount of reading they do and the types of classes they take. These questions provide contextual information for the assessment, as well as information that may be related to students’ learning. If you would like to view sample subject area and contextual questions, please visit http://nationsreportcard.gov/parents.asp.

It will take about 120 minutes for most students to participate in the pilot assessment. The results are completely confidential (in accordance with the Confidential Information Protection provisions of Title V, Subtitle A, Public Law 107-347), and the information provided will be used for statistical purposes only. Your child’s grades will not be affected. While NAEP is voluntary, we depend on student participation to provide an accurate measure of student achievement that will inform improvements in education. Your child will represent many other students, so participation is very important. However, if you do not want your child to participate, please notify me in writing by December 19, 2014.

There is no need to study in preparation for NAEP. We do ask, however, that you encourage your child to do their best and get plenty of rest the night before the assessment. A brochure that explains what participation in NAEP means for you and your child is available at http://nces.ed.gov/nationsreportcard/pdf/parents/2012469.pdf. Should you have questions, or if you would like a copy of the brochure, please contact me or Melissa Kohl at 870-739-5130.

We are excited that our school will be participating in NAEP and pleased that your child may be selected. We know that Marion High School's students will help us show what our nation’s students know and can do.


Steve Landers

Go, Patriots!

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Carolyn Reynolds

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