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       Today we learn....Tomorrow we lead.....Today we learn..... Tomorrow we lead....       Our new office addition is now open. Please bring your children here when dropping off late.
Marion Elementary School
Learning Today...Leading Tomorrow


Mission Statement

It is the mission of Marion Elementary School
to provide a challenging curriculum in a safe
environment conducive to learning while meeting
the diverse needs and interests of ALL students.

We will teach our students the academic,
social, technological, and problem-solving
skills needed to be productive citizens
in the ever-changing world.


Parent Survey -  2014-2015:







2nd Grade ITBS
Rock the Test Dress-Up
April 6-10, 2015

Monday – Wear CAMOUFLAGE
“Sneak up on the test!”  
Tuesday – Wear red  
“Are you “Red”dy to rock the test?”
Wednesday – Wear class shirt
“Team up for the test!”
Thursday – Wear orange
“Orange you glad testing is over!”
Friday – Dress as a Rock Star or
Someone from the 50’s

3rd Grade PARCC
Celebrating the Week of March 16-20

Monday – “Put on your thinking caps!” (Wear a hat)
Tuesday – “Stay sharp and think smart!”  (Wear GREEN)
Wednesday – “Are you “Red”dy to rock the test?” (Wear red)
Thursday – “Team up for the test!” (Wear class shirt)
Friday – “Orange you glad it’s Friday!” (Wear orange)

March 2-6
  •                                                           2262015_92200_0.png







Mrs. McCarty’s 2nd grade Class - Highest AR Class Average

Mrs. Doyle’s 2nd Grade Class - Highest AR Points





December Events:

12/12 Second Grade "Polar Express" celebration
12/15  - 12/17 Patriot Pride Store
12/18 -12/19 Second Grade program, starting at 9:00
12/19 Classroom Christmas / Holiday Party
NO SCHOOL 12/22-1/5
1/6/2015 - First Day Back with StudentS

New Course at MES
Mrs. Moncrief and Mrs. Robins have been working with second and third graders to establish and improve their keyboarding skills.  This week, students learned the "home row" keys. Students have enjoyed becoming familar with the new program and are establishing skills that will help them with new testing formats.

strange Science at MES
This year MES students have the opportunity to visit our Science Lab each week. Our very own "Science Diva", Mrs. Glass, guides them in completing hands-on, interactive science experiments.  Not only are our students learning about science, but they are enjoying every minute of it!

IMG_4513.jpg IMG_4514.jpg

Teachers of Tomorrow visit MES
Third grade students were in for a real treat when the "Teachers of Tomorrow" of Marion High School visited and performed a live puppet show. The high school students had recently completed a study of children's books and had created an original puppet show using the story If Only I Had a Green Nose by Max Lucado. Students enjoyed watching the show and the message about accepting our unique qualities and resisting fads and peer pressure was well received.


Patriot Pride!

Marion Elementary students were greeted this morning with a big surprise.  Senior high Patriot football players and cheerleaders were on hand to help greet students and take them to class. You can tell by their smiles that students were excited! The halls were buzzing with school spirit and Patriot pride all day long.

IMAG1730.jpg       IMAG1731.jpg



Accelerated Reader – Title 1- Curriculum Night

August 26, 2014
5:30- 3rd Grade
6:30 - 2nd Grade

We will meet in the Marion Elementary School Cafeteria

Mrs. Rooney and Dr. Newsom will welcome and share our school Mission.
Mrs. Julie Coveny will cover Title 1 School requirements and benefits.
Mrs. Glass will provide general goals for our AR program.
Parents will then visit their child's classroom. Teachers will provide parents with an
outline of the curriculum, their expectations, and answer any group questions.


New Student Enrollment


If you are new to our area, please come to the main office and register your child. You will need:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security
  • Shot Record
  •  Proof of Residency
  • Last School Report Card (Copy)


       While teachers work hard to ensure students obtain the best academic instruction on a daily basis, we also believe it is important to take time to teach students to be good citizens who care for and respect each other.  We believe it is important to help build good character in all students.

      At MES, we call positive students "bucket fillers."  "Bucket Fillers" are those who help without being asked, give compliments, and generally spread their love and good feelings to others.  Bucket filling is a common act in our classroom and one that does not go unrecognized. 

      At the beginning of the school year, we read the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today?  This wonderful book explains to students that to fill a friend's bucket, they also fill their own bucket because it feels good to make others happy.  We also discussed what it means to be a bucket dipper.  A bucket dipper is a person who hurts other people's feelings, essentially dipping into their invisible bucket.  Ar MES we strive to be a bucket filler each and every day! 

      Have you filled a bucket today?   

Contact Information
133 Military Road
Marion, AR 72364
Fax: 870-739-5123
Mrs. Natalie Rooney

Assistant Principal
Dr. Susan Newsom

Ms. Dana Robbins
Be a Bucket Filler!!!!!!!!
Everyone has an invisible bucket.
You can’t see it, but it is there.
Its purpose is to hold your good feeling about yourself.
Be a bucket filler – Say kind words to others and your bucket and theirs will be filled.

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