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       We are pleased you are interested in the Marion School District. Please check back regularly for new listings.       
Employment Opportunities

All job postings are available via  TalentEd, Recruit, Hire Employment Opportunities
You must click the job posting to view the contact person for the job position.  If interested, please call the contact person listed.
District Positions
Contact Don Johnston, superintendent 870-739-5100
Marion High School
(grades 10-12) and
Crittenden Prep Academy
(grades 7-12)
Contact Lincoln Daniels, principal 870-739-5130
Contact Robin Catt, Director of Elementary Education
Marion Junior High School    
(grades 8-9)
Contact Elmer West, principal 870-739-5140
Contact Hugh Inman, Director of Secondary Education
Marion Middle School          
(grades 6-7)
Contact Carissa Lacy, principal @ 870-739-5173
Contact Susan Shurley, Director of Special Services
Marion Intermediate School
(grades 4-5)
Contact Julie Molloy, principal @870-739-5180
Contact Julie Coveny, Federal Programs Coordinator
Marion Elementary School   
(grades 2-3)
Contact Natalie Rooney principal@ 870-739-5120
Contact Timothy Taylor, District Technology Coordinator
Avondale Elementary School
(grades K-1)
Contact: Glenda Bryan @ 870-735-4588
Contact Susan Madison, Director of Child Nutrition

Contact Doyle Jones, Transportation Director
W. D. "Dusty" Duncan, Facilities Manager

This link will take you directly to the TalentEd and Recruit website to view and apply for job postings with Marion School District:
District Equity Statement:      The Marion School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, or veteran status.
Contact Dr. Robin Catt or Hugh Inman District Equity Coordinators at 200 Manor Street, Marion, AR 72364 or by phone (870)739-5100.              

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