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Marion High School Mock Homecoming 2012-2013

MHS Mock HC cheer 6985.jpg

Reverse Roles...
It was the Patriot football players' turn to get the crowd up for homecoming.
 Their own choreographed dance did the trick.

MHS Mock HC eyeshadow 6965.jpg

Proper Makeup...
A little eyeliner can go a very long way.

MHS Mock Winners 7002.jpg

And the winner is...
The winner, as selected by the Marion High School student body,
of Thursday's Mock Homecoming is That Blonde Volleyball Player,
escorted by Coach Bobby Patrino.
She/he is flanked by first-place winner Honey Boo Boo (left)
and her escort Sugar Bear, and second-place winner Nicki Minaj
and her escort Lil' Wayne.

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