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Once a Patriot, Always a Patriot

Posted Date: 10/10/2017

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Science teacher and NHS (National Honor Society) advisor, Mr. Jerald Hays, will embark on a new journey as he departs from his position on Oct. 13. After six years of teaching AP Biology and Environmental Science, Mr. Hays has found a new opportunity as Delta STEM Director at Arkansas State University.


“This is my sixth year teaching, and I kind of get anxious when I’ve done something for a certain amount of time,” Mr. Hays admitted, “This new job that I never thought I would have in a million years got offered to me. It’s a new challenge, and it should keep me challenged for a long time.”


Mr. Hays expressed his love for the school and feels that experiences between his students and co-workers have have led to a positive time at Marion. Being able to connect with his students through his energetic personality contributed to great teaching experiences and happy times at Marion.


“When you can manage to get something positive out of the students,  it makes a good day,” Hays remarked.


Mr. Hays carefully planned his remaining days on campus in a way that will reassure his students that they will be successful after he leaves.


“I don't think, ultimately, down the road that me leaving will harm them that bad, but it will affect them because there’s so much information to be learned,” Mr. Hays stated regarding his AP Biology class, “I would have preferred this to happen during the summer rather than when it did. I'm working really hard in biology to get the chemistry part done, because everything else builds off that. So no matter what happens, everything that they come across in the book can be linked back to what they have already learned.”


As a co-sponsor for NHS, Mr. Hays was very involved with community service projects. His dedication was evident as he gave up his Saturdays to assist students in local projects. Whether it was cleaning the quad or setting up checkpoints for the local bike-a-thon, Mr. Hays was always one step ahead as he made sure that every volunteer opportunity was met with hardworking volunteers from our school.


After Mr. Hays says his final goodbyes, Mrs. Tracey Schwieger will take over his position in NHS, and his students will have a long-term sub until Christmas, hopefully giving the district enough time to fill his position with a new teacher by January.


Mr. Hays has been an integral member of the MHS family, and Marion sends him off with the best of wishes as he begins the newest chapter of his career.


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-- by Meghan Bradley