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Homecoming Court Announced

Posted Date: 09/19/2017

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The 2017- 2018 homecoming court was announced today at the first pep rally of the season. Senior Harley Duncan was named queen. Claire Bunn, Khaniya Callicut and Schiyler Scott were selected as senior maids. Sydney Angela, Loren Davis and Julia Enriquez will serve as junior maids, and Megan Adams, Jakeria Barr and Lauren Catt will represent the sophomore class.

After the announcement was made, Queen Harley Duncan was instantly filled with tears of joy.

“I was never expecting this to happens, it’s truly amazing,” she admits, “I’m so blessed to be here right now.”

This year there were a few changes to the requirements of being elected. Any female student that signed up with at least a 2.0 GPA and no out of school suspension this school year was placed on the ballot. Students then received an email with a link to vote by grade. The senior with the most votes was selected as queen, whereas in past years the football team chose.

All of the girls selected were excited that their peers chose them for court.

“I appreciate everyone who voted for me, and I’m really grateful for all of the support”, Loren Davis, junior maid responded.

“I just want to thank everyone that voted for me, and I’m so excited to represent our school,” Sophomore Lauren Catt says.

The court will be presented in the Patriot Arena on Oct. 6, with the parade immediately following. The homecoming game will be Friday, Oct. 6 vs. Searcy.

Stay tuned within the next two weeks for more details about the week of events as well as pictures from all of the homecoming festivities.