MSD News 2016-17
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AES Blue Ribbon School
Avondale Elementary, the Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade Campus in the Marion School District, is a Lighthouse Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. The school has earned earn this distinguished ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 12/13/2016
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MHS ASU Scholarships
Officials from Arkansas State University’s Prize Patrol paid a visit to Marion High School last week and awarded scholarships worth more than $848,000 to 35 seniors. All scholarships are renewable ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 12/06/2016
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Arkansas Teacher of the Year Praises MHS
On a recent visit to MHS, current Arkansas Teacher of the Year Meghan Ables walked the halls and stepped into several classrooms to see the great things going on at our school. Take a look at her ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 11/30/2016
Source Page: MHS Home Page News Feed
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Congratulations to the MJHS boys basketball team for being the 2016 Jr. Patriot Tournament ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 12/05/2016
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MHS Choir Concerts
Welcoming the Season Choirs in the Marion School District welcomed the holiday season this week with concerts. Choirs from the sixth-grade girls’ choir to the senior high mixed choir performed a ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 12/05/2016