MHS Romeo and Juliet

Posted Date: 04/13/2017

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Students in the Marion High School Theatre Department added a twist to a Shakespearian classic. Romeo and Juliet: Civil War was just a little more than a balcony scene. Theatre instructor Starr Hardgrove, without changing the dialogue, adapted the play setting to the American Civil War and his students rose to the occasion and put on a natural performance of the literary masterpiece. Samuel Scott, playing the roles of Tybalt/Friar Lawrence, performed one of his scenes in hip-hop (3699) before discussing matters with Romeo, played by Bailey Accurso. The famous balcony came into play when Romeo meets with his love, Juliet, played by Julie Cash. Hardgrove lent an added theatre touch to the production with relaxing sofas and a coffee/snack bar in the lobby to the audience to enjoy during intermission.

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--Photos by Mike Douglas