MES AR Reader Awards

Posted Date: 04/06/2017

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There was a whole, lot of reading going on at Marion Elementary School during the last nine-week grading period. Individual readers in the third grade garnering recognition are (from left): top reader Madelyn Massey (3,561,419 words); second place Robert Hall (2,684,420 words); and third place Kelsey Main (1,114,344). The most improved class was Chassity Caraway’s class with 747.2 points. The top class was Lanell Butler’s class with 751.8 points. The class with the highest test grade average was Kim Holt’s. In the second grade, the top readers were (from left): third place reader Rebeka White (218,383 words); second place Piper McFarland (249,671 words); and the top reader was Bella Barber (301,034 words). The class with the highest points was Liz Franklin’s with 711.1 points. Melanie Bryan’s class had the highest average with 94 percent. Overall, third-grade students earned 36, 066 points, passed 55,506 quizzes and read 2,790,958 words. Second-graders earned 36,066 points, passed 55,571 quizzes and read. In all, students at MES read 96,748,061 words for this grading period.

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--Photos by Mike Douglas