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Loren Adkins
Adkins, Loren
ladkins@msd3.orgMarion Junior High School
Eva Alford Alford, Eva
Office Staff
ealford@msd3.orgMarion Elementary School
Paul Allen
Allen, Paul
Lead Computer Technician
pallen@msd3.orgMarion School District
Scotta Allen
Allen, Scotta
sallen@msd3.orgMarion Junior High School
Marie  Amaya
Amaya, Marie
Office Staff
mamaya@msd3.orgMarion Elementary School
Mattie Anderson Anderson, Mattie
Custodial Staff
manderson@msd3.orgMarion Elementary School
Britney Andrews
Andrews, Britney
7th Grade ELA
bandrews@msd3.orgMarion Middle School
Katie Astin
Astin, Katie
Kindergarten Teacher
kastin@msd3.orgAvondale Elementary School
Barbara  Austin
Austin, Barbara
Cafeteria Staff
Marion Middle School
Terry Bain
Bain, Terry
Office Staff
tbain@msd3.orgMarion Middle School
Brandi Banks
Banks, Brandi
ALE Teacher
bbanks@msd3.orgMarion High School
Dana Barlow
Barlow, Dana
dbarlow@msd3.orgMarion Junior High School
Leslie Barnes
Barnes, Leslie
lbarnes@msd3.orgAvondale Elementary School
Mark Barnes
Barnes, Mark
Social Studies
mbarnes@msd3.orgMarion Junior High School
Sandra Barnes
Barnes, Sandra
Instructional Aide
Marion Middle School
Terri Barnes
Barnes, Terri
4th Grade Teacher
tbarnes@msd3.orgMarion Intermediate School
Rosemary Barrow
Barrow, Rosemary
rbarrow@msd3.orgMarion Intermediate School
Barry Bates
Bates, Barry
bbates@msd3.orgMarion Intermediate School
Lisa Beasley
Beasley, Lisa
PE/Health & Safety
lbeasley@msd3.orgMarion Middle School
Kristi Beck
Beck, Kristi
Math Teaher
kbeck@msd3.orgMarion Junior High School
Renee Bennett
Bennett, Renee
rbennett@msd3.orgMarion School District
Christina Bolden
Bolden, Christina
cbolden@msd3.orgMarion High School
Patricia Booker Booker, Patricia
pbooker@msd3.orgMarion Junior High School
Lanesha  Boston
Boston, Lanesha
Third Grade
lboston@msd3.orgMarion Elementary School
Toshiba Bouey Bouey, Toshiba
First Grade Teacher
tbouey@msd3.orgAvondale Elementary School
 Deborah Bradley
Bradley, Deborah
Classroom Teacher
dbradley@msd3.orgMarion Junior High School
Lauren Brinkley
Brinkley, Lauren
English Teacher
lbrinkley@msd3.orgMarion High School
Lauren Brinkley Brinkley, Lauren
English Teacher
lbrinkley@msd3.orgMarion High School
Marjorie Brinkley
Brinkley, Marjorie
Bookkeeper/Treasurer/Office Manager
mbrinkley@msd3.orgMarion School District
Lentisha Brown
Brown, Lentisha
7th Grade Science
lbrown@msd3.orgMarion Middle School
Margaret Brown Brown, Margaret
Marion High School
Rickie Brown Brown, Rickie
rbrown@msd3.orgMarion High School
Sherry Brown Brown, Sherry
sbrown@msd3.orgMarion High School
Teresa Brown
Brown, Teresa
Instructional Aide
Marion Middle School
Theresa Brown
Brown, Theresa
Avondale Elementary School
 Tamecha Brown-Littlejohn
Brown-Littlejohn, Tamecha
Third Grade
tbrown-littlejohn@msd3.orgMarion Elementary School
 Melanie Bryan
Bryan, Melanie
Second Grade
mbryan@msd3.orgMarion Elementary School
 Whitney Bryan
Bryan, Whitney
Second Grade
wbryan@msd3.orgMarion Elementary School
Donna Bryant
Bryant, Donna
dbryant@msd3.orgAvondale Elementary School
Barbara Buford
Buford, Barbara
bbuford@msd3.orgMarion Elementary School
Rhonda Burnett
Burnett, Rhonda
rburnett@msd3.orgMarion Elementary School
Chelsea Burnside Burnside, Chelsea
Second Grade
cburnside@msd3.orgMarion Elementary School
Misty Burt
Burt, Misty
Library Media Specialist
mburt@msd3.orgMarion Intermediate School
 Lanell Butler
Butler, Lanell
Third Grade
lbutler@msd3.orgMarion Elementary School
Brittany Butler
Butler, Brittany
First Grade Teacher
bbutler@msd3.orgAvondale Elementary School
Nakesha Byars
Byars, Nakesha
nbyars@msd3.orgMarion Junior High School
Freddie Cantu
Cantu, Freddie
Computer Technician
fcantu@msd3.orgMarion School District
 Chassidy Caraway
Caraway, Chassidy
Third Grade
ccaraway@msd3.orgMarion Elementary School
Wanda Carpenter
Carpenter, Wanda
Special Services Clerk
wcarpenter@msd3.orgMarion School District
Christina Carter
Carter, Christina
Classroom Teacher
ccarter@msd3.orgMarion High School
Lynettra  Carter Carter, Lynettra
lcarter@msd3.orgMarion Elementary School
Takalia Carter Carter, Takalia
Assistant Principal
tcarter@msd3.orgAvondale Elementary School
 Patti Castle
Castle, Patti
pcastle@msd3.orgMarion Junior High School
Dr. Robin Catt
Catt, Dr. Robin
Director of Elementary Education
rcatt@msd3.orgMarion School District
Kristen Catt
Catt, Kristen
Kindergarten Teacher
kcatt@msd3.orgAvondale Elementary School
Rochelle Chambers Chambers, Rochelle
Cafeteria Worker
rchambers@msd3.orgAvondale Elementary School
 Shelley Cherry
Cherry, Shelley
School Psychology Specialist
scherry@msd3.orgMarion Junior High School
Laura Clark Clark, Laura
Cafeteria Worker
lclark@msd3.orgAvondale Elementary School
Tyler Clark
Clark, Tyler
7th Grade Social Studies
tclark@msd3.orgMarion Middle School
Irving Clay
Clay, Irving
Dean of Students
iclay@msd3.orgMarion High School
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